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Regular Road Checks for Colac Community

A review of Colac Otway Shire Council's Road Management Plan has led to more frequent road inspections for Council communities.

Under the review, roads will be inspected 21% more often than previously, and Council will also improve its intervention levels for corrugations on unsealed roads, from a depth of 75mm to 65mm.

The plan also proposes a night-time inspection in urban areas to ensure street and public car park lighting is in good working order.

Mayor Joe McCracken said roads are a critical social and economic factor within a regional shire.

“Colac Otway Shire Council maintain 557 km of sealed, 1,014 km of unsealed (gravel) roads and 48 km of formed roads in the shire. It’s a massive task to maintain roads all year round to a safe and sufficient standard.”

Mr McCracken also said the new plan would result in improved road standards, because increased inspections would allow defects to be discovered earlier.

“Council’s Services and Operations team do a great job in maintaining roads and infrastructure in the shire; amendments to the plan will ensure increased efficiency resulting in safer roads.

“Council consulted a cross section of commercial road users and residents and used an online survey to determine what elements of road conditions are regarded as most important.

“We’re receiving consistent messages from the community about our roads, in particular that people would like to see more action taken on potholes and corrugations.

“Road condition is always an important concern of residents and ratepayers, these changes to the Road Management Plan will ensure a more efficient use of staff time and resources across the shire.”

Mr McCracken finished his explanation, saying that in a regional shire like Colac Otway, good road condition was vital to provide safe access to the community and support social and economic activities.

A copy of the amended Plan and the Council Report can be obtained from Council’s offices in Colac and Apollo Bay.

Any person may make a submission to Council on the proposed amendments before Monday March 5.

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