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Four Hands in a Tin Can Taking Time to Explore Australia

Imagine packing up life into a caravan with your 2 children and pet dog, and setting off around Australia for an unknown amount of time...

That's the story of Four Hands in a Tin Can, a family of 4 - dad Pete, mum Annie, and kids Liam and Mia, travelling around our beautiful country and sharing their journey along the way.

As retired NSW Police Officers dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, both Pete and Annie knew it was time for change, explaining on their Facebook page: "After 20 years of continuous service to the people, it was time to accept that as adults, we were broken and needed to heal, in an environment that was safe, yet allowed us to explore and find who we were.

"One of us had joined the NSWP at the age of 19, and the other at age 24 and those people were no longer even a part of who were are now.​

"The second reason, was that our children had sacrificed a lot of mum and dad time, so we could serve the state of NSW.

"Our children deserved better than that, and we wanted to not only get to know our children better, but to spend time letting them get to know us and to help us heal.​"

Their journey began in January 2016 and the family have been on the road ever since, catching up with Anita on the Country Viewpoint last week when they were in Flow region 90.9fm Moonta.

To follow their adventures, visit the Four Hands in a Tin Can page on Facebook or Instagram, and in the words of the family: "We hope you enjoy visiting our page, but mostly hope you can laugh, cry and share with us as we experience life."

Image Source - Four Hands in a Tin Can Facebook page.

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