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Remembering Our Military Past in Public

Silo art has taken the country by storm, with the huge galleries popping up all over Flow's regions.

Over in Flow's 96.5 and 95.3 regions, along the Mallee Highway a new $1.1million Military Remembrance Silo Art Trail (RSAT) has people talking.

The proposed RSAT will stretch from Ouyen through to Galah, Walpeup, Torrita, Underbool, Linga, Cowangie, Murrayville, Carina and end at Panitya.

According to Mildura Regional Development, the project has the potential to “invigorate dying towns” and “revitalise neglected areas” in the Mallee, while also showcasing the region’s rich soldier-settler history.

However, the locals within the proposed silo art locations were not contacted or consulted within the planning stages of the RSAT and first heard about the idea via radio.

Sarah caught up with Councillor Greg Brown to find out more about the proposed silo art.

She also caught up with Tracey from the North West Express to see what the locals thought of the RSAT.

For more information, or to get in contact with Mildura Regional Development head to their website or call on (03) 5021 0599.

Image Source: From the proposed artist Ian Coate's Website.

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