• Hannah Phillips

Preparing for a Very Mice Winter

Grain growers in the Flow regions are being advised to assess their paddocks for mouse numbers as soon as possible to determine whether mice are likely to pose a risk before planting.

If mouse numbers are a concern, growers should consult bait suppliers immediately to ensure they have access to sufficient quantities of bait well in advance of winter planting.

Growers and agronomists, who attended the recent Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC) update, were encouragaed to be pro-active with mouse control strategies in the wake of extensive crop damage last year and a carryover of base populations through the summer.

Sarah caught up with CSIRO's Steve Henry to find out more about the current numbers of mice around, and what we should be doing to control them.

For more information about mice numbers in your area head to the mousealert page and read updates or download the mousealert app or the GRDC website for tips or control methods.

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