• Hannah Phillips

Your Guide to Camping this Easter

As the Easter long weekend draws closer, people across Australia are gearing up to spend their break camping throughout the country, including within many Flow regions.

A number of warnings and safety tips have been released for campers ahead of the Easter break, with Courtney bringing it all together on this morning's Brekkie Flow.

Forest Fire Management Victoria also released some tips for campers useful all year round:

  • Use a purpose-built fireplace where provided, otherwise light your campfire in a pit at least 30cm deep. Ensure the pit is no larger than one 1 square metre in size and the area around the pit is cleared of flammable material up to three metres in all directions, including above the campfire.

  • Branches and logs on your campfire must be less than one metre long – keep your fire just big enough for warmth and cooking.

  • Never leave a campfire alight or unattended. You must maintain a 50-metre line of sight of the campfire at all times.

  • An adult must be present at all times when the campfire is alight.

  • Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished using water not soil.

Happy camping and safe travels this Easter from Flow FM!

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