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$100,000 to Revegetate the Coorong

The Coorong and Tatiara districts are set to begin a three year revegetation project this year, following $100,000 in funding from the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan group (CTLAP).

More than 61,000 native plants will be planted across the 117 hectare site, helping to restore critical native habitat and areas of refuge for native wildlife.

The project will allow better protection of threatened species such as the Orange-Bellied Parrot, Mallee Fowl, Bush Stone Curlew, and the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo.

The project was awarded funding from the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees Program, which aims to see 20 million new trees planted across Australia by 2020.

Coorong District Council Mayor Neville Jaensch said this exceptional project would help protect and sustain one of South Australia’s most significant environmental icons.

“We’re fierce about protecting and ensuring sustainable biodiversity practices around the Coorong and Lower Lakes,” Mayor Jaensch said.

“Not only do we have our own interests at heart, but we also want to make sure the magic of the Coorong, including all of its native flora and fauna, are here for future generations to enjoy.

“We have this magnificent and globally-renowned environmental beauty on our doorstep, and programs like this are vital to ensuring we can take care of it.”

CTLAP Sustainability Officer Samantha Blight said the project would utilise existing remnant vegetation to create “corridors” or “pathways” which provide a habitat for native wildlife, including those threatened species.

“The project will restore a large area of habitat across the district and private landholders will assist us by planting 61,180 native plants and trees on their properties,” Ms Blight said.

“It will also restore 34 hectares of Grey Box Grassy Woodland by planting understory trees, which will enhance and connect existing vegetation.”

All native plants and trees required for the project will be specially grown by a Meningie nursery – offering a significant boost to a local business.

Planning for the project is now underway and site preparation will begin in coming months.

More information on the 20 Million Trees Program can be found at nrm.gov.au.

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