• Hannah Phillips

Mapping our Murray, Lakes & Coorong

From Mannum to Murray Bridge, Hindmarsh Island to Tintinara, a new user-friendly map highlighting the best of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong (MRLC) region is now available to local visitors.

Around 10,000 copies of the A3-size map have been delivered to Visitor Information Centres (VIC), outlets and select tourism hotspots across the region.

MRLC Tourism Development Manager Julie Bates says the new map has been designed to prompt visitors to spend more time experiencing what the region has to offer.

“We want to help visitors move around our region easily and this map has been designed so our VIC volunteers can offer people a simple, yet informative tool to navigate their way around the region," she said.

Featuring ‘must-see’ ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘adventure’ icons which are further expanded on the rear of the map, Mrs Bates says the new tool is designed to showcase the regions key assets and tourism experiences.

“I want to motivate people and let them know about the huge variety of things to see and do in the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong region, no matter how much time or money you have at your disposal.

“Whether it’s jumping out of a plane over Lake Alexandrina, hiring a houseboat on the Murray River for the weekend or just a road trip past the Coonalpyn silo murals, there are so many amazing experiences on offer.

“It’s important to continually increase growth in tourism expenditure and South Australia is doing amazingly well in this area.”

In a world where Google maps and smartphone apps were superceding physical maps, Mrs Bates said research had shown many travellers preferred more old-school navigational tools, and it wasn’t just the grey nomads.

“A map can be incredibly useful for International visitors and people travelling with kids, so it’s not just travellers of an older demographic that will find the map handy,” she said.

“This map will also target those people who don’t want to move around solely via their smartphone.”

There will also be an electronic PDF version of the map available for operators to download and share to their own websites.

Designed as a pilot project, Mrs Bates says frontline VIC staff will be asked for their feedback and views on the success of the project in coming months.

Along with an increased focus on digital marketing and social media campaigns in 2018, Mrs Bates says the map is a major piece of communications collateral, one of the key areas identified within the MRLCTA Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.

“Not only will this new tool build on the region’s brand, but it can also be used to represent the region at tourism events across Australia, including camping and caravan shows at capital cities.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how visitors connect with this new tool and learning how it can help us grow and develop our already strong MRLC tourism brand even further," she said.

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