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Next Stop on the Silo Art Trail: Karoonda?

Flow region 97.7fm Karoonda could become the next stop on South-East Australia's Silo Art Trail, following the success of a unique art installation, which saw images being projected onto the town's silos at last week's Karoonda Farm Fair.

Over one thousand spectators gathered on Friday night to watch more than 130 artworks from local schoolchildren being projected onto the grain silos.

Visual projection artists 'illuminate' were hired by Karoonda East Murray Council to bring the project to life, with Chief Executive Officer Matthew Morgan describing a "buzz” amongst the crowd as the sun began to set over the Mallee town.

“They had a countdown. There was about 100 kids counting down from ten and then the projector kicked in and there was about 10 seconds of pure silence as everyone saw all these colourful artworks up there in the sky,” he said.

“You could hear these voices all around the crowd saying things like “wow, that’s amazing” and the kids calling out, “hey that’s Billy’s!” It was a really great festive atmosphere.”

Wayne the Flowman shared the story on this morning's Mid Morning Show.

Tammy O’Malley is a local mother of Karoonda Area School Grade 3 student Jack, and described her son's excitement of seeing his drawing of a farm scene appear like magic on the silos,saying: "he was jumping up and down yelling “that’s mine, that’s mine!”

As large-scale silo artworks become a popular theme in rural Australian towns, Council’s Acting Mayor Caroline Phillips said Karoonda’s was a project with a difference.

“We didn’t get curated artists to put their vision up there on our silos,” she said.

“This was our children’s artworks, so it was a show that was uniquely Karoonda. I’m really proud of what the community achieved by working together.”

As a resounding success for the town, CEO Matthew Morgan says Council will be working hard to channel the enthusiasm and energy into creating a more permanent art display within Karoonda.

“The response and engagement from the community has been overwhelming and obviously inspired a fair bit of talk about the place of public art and how it can create a real buzz about a place and help bring more visitors to the region,” he said.

“Council’s job now is to harness that enthusiasm and work on how we can deliver something different, unique and world class for our town and make the community of Karoonda proud.”

Image Sources - Matthew Morgan, Wayne Phillips

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