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Waikerie 2 Wellington Kayak Trek Preparing to Paddle

Murray River Kayak Trekker Kev Cook is well known around the Flow regions for paddling down the entire Murray River at the end of last year, raising money and awareness of mental health in regional areas.

Now he's back with a new kayak trek - a little more manageable this time, planning to paddle from Waikerie to Wellington over 9 days, towards the end of April.

Kev will be joined by long time friend Alan Gilmore, and some other buddies along the way, raising money for the Morgan Emergency Services - specifically the CFS and Morgan Ambulance Service.

Kev joined Anita in the Flow studios to share the details of his next community fundraising adventure.

The 9 day paddle starts in Waikerie around 8.30am on Friday April 20 and finishes Saturday April 28 in Wellington.

A free event to join with no restrictions on how many days or kilometres you wish to paddle for - people are asked to supply their own food for camping each night.

Update 23/04/18: A few days into the paddle, Anita caught up with Kev and Support Crew member Anthony to find out how the trek was going.

Update 01/05/18: Unfortunately the crew was not able to complete the entire trek through to Wellington due to unsafe circumstances, however still managed to raise a significant amount of money along the way.

Kev spoke with Anita post paddle to explain.

Find out more at the Murray River Kayak Treks Facebook page.

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