• Hannah Phillips

Murray Bridge Woman Caught Twice in One Day

A Murray Bridge woman will face court after she was reported twice on the one day for traffic matters.

Just before 2am on Monday 16 April, Murray Bridge Police stopped a woman driving on Cawte Street at Murray Bridge.

Police checks revealed the woman was driving an unregistered and uninsured car, her driver's licence was expired and her car had previously been defected.

The woman was reported for the traffic matters and advised not to drive.

But just after 8.30pm the same day, the woman was seen driving the same car, this time on Burdekin Avenue at Murray Bridge.

This time she was arrested for driving and unregistered and uninsured car, driving unlicenced and drive contrary to a defect notice.

Her car was also impounded for 28 days.

The woman was bailed to appear in the Murray Bridge Magistrates Court on 28 May.

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