• Hannah Phillips

Rooster or Feather Duster?

Now that Nick Xenophon is without a seat either in Canberra or in South Australia, federal MPs and Senators representing the eponymous Nick Xenophon Team have decided on a spot of re-branding.

According to a statement released last week, the party has lodged an application with the Australian Electoral Commission to change its name to ‘Centre Alliance’.

We understand that Mr Xenophon approves of the new name although the state party will continue to rejoice in the designation SA Best.

Following Xenophon’s resignation from the Senate to make an ill-fated tilt at a seat in the South Australian Legislative Assembly and Skye Kakoschke-Moore’s departure, a victim of the dual citizenship kerfuffle, the newly labelled Centre Alliance comprises Rex Patrick and Stirling Griff in the Senate, and Rebekha Sharkie, in the seat of Mayo, who herself remains under a citizenship cloud.

Tim Storer, who replaced Ms Kakoschke-Moore in the Senate, quit the party before taking his seat.

On the one hand we hope this puts an end to the disturbing tendency of mini-pollies to include their own names in the titles of their embryonic political parties.

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