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Local Projects Up for Funding in Vic

Local projects will be chosen by local residents under a new community building fund in Victoria called 'Pick My Project', which will see people nominate and decide on their own funding priorities for their regions.

Similar to South Australia's 'Fund My Neighbourhood' program, the Victorian concept is using $30 million from the Victorian 2018/19 budget to allow all residents 16 years and over to submit ideas for consideration.

Courtney had the story on the Brekkie Flow.

Project ideas need to help build a stronger community, and have the backing of a local organisation, community group, school, local council, or other eligible group able to help deliver the project.

Ideas could include anything from sporting and recreation infrastructure, community arts projects, improvements to community facilities or the local environment.

Communities will then get to vote for the projects they think are most important, giving local residents the first and final say on the best way to improve their local area.

Projects between $20,000 and $200,000 will be eligible under the program, with funding spread between the nine Regional Partnership Regions and six Metropolitan Partnership Regions.

Premier Daniel Andrews said:“Locals know their own backyard better than anyone else.

"This is about putting community funding decisions back in the hands of communities.”

The initiative will start in May and winning projects will be announced in September 2018.

To register your interest, visit pickmyproject.vic.gov.au.

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