• Hannah Phillips

Lavender Federation Trail Showcases Beauty of SA

From Murray Bridge through to the Clare Valley, the Lavender Federation Trail has been an ongoing volunteer project for 21 years, uniting communities throughout the Flow broadcast region with a walking track dedicated to the late South Australian legend, Terry Lavender.

Photo: MRLC Tourism Development Manager Julie Bates and South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated’s Graham Hallandal take in a section of the Lavender Federation Trail.

Now completed and ready to be officially launched this weekend, volunteer Graham spoke to Flow FM about the Lavender Federation Trail and the story behind it.

The trail now spans 325km of beautiful South Australian countryside, connecting with the 1200km Heysen, 35km Riesling and 19km Rattler trails across the state.

A 450km Murray Coorong Trail from Cadell to Salt Creek (which is currently under construction), will also eventually join up with the Lavender Trail once completed.

The formal opening will take place this Saturday May 5, at the site of the old Clare Railways Station.

For more information, visit lavenderfederationtrail.org.au.

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