• Hannah Phillips

Fitbits on Farm Animals

Have you ever wondered what your animals get up to while you're not around? Or maybe why they're not coping with your weaning process?

A new study from La Trobe University in Melbourne is finding that a form of 'fitbit' for animals may be the answer farmers are looking for.

By attaching wearable motion sensors to sheep and cows on farms across Australia the study is gaining insights into the health and well being of these animals.

To find out more about the study, Sarah caught up with La Trobe's Senior Lecturer Dr Mark Jois.

Here Mark speaks more directly about what they've been able to find in sheep.

He focusses more specifically about Dairy Cows and Beef Cows here.

And finally, he also spoke surrounding what's in store for the future of this research and how we can get involved.

For more information about this process head to latrobe.edu.au.

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