• Hannah Phillips

Keeping the EP's Coastline Beautiful

The Eyre Peninsula's coastline is a beautiful part of the world people are working very hard to maintain into the future as part of the 'Sustainable Coastal Access for all' project.

The project is being supported by three local groups, the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board (EPNRMB), Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) and the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association (EPLGA) who have combined to ensure the natural wonder is sustained for generations to come.

Image Source: Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula, Example of coastal management along the coast near Streaky Bay.

EPNRMB Member, Diana Laube, said: “Often the very reason tourists come here is to experience the abundance of plant and animal life, as well as stunning seascape scenery.

“Naturally, local councils with coastal frontage are also major stakeholders in this sustainability project.

"Our region is unique and this partnership is important to retain natural values into the future, ensure wildlife have opportunities to prosper and people can enjoy accessing the coast for their lifestyles and livelihoods whilst not causing undue stress and damage to the environment.”

RDAWEP CEO Dion Dorward said the Eyre Peninsula has some of the highest tourism potential in South Australia with a current economic value of $300 million and a projected value of $511 million.

Figures show around 1,500 people are directly employed in tourism on the Eyre Peninsula, with another 1,500 employed indirectly.

“The challenge this presents to all of us is how to effectively manage environmental impacts resulting from increased visitation to the region," Mr Dorward said.

"The new ‘Coastal Vehicle Access Decision Making Framework’ is a sustainable coastal approach covering all coastal councils on Eyre Peninsula.

"It’s a decision making tool used to consider environmental, social and economic values...[and] also provides clear recommendations, management options and guidelines for the protection of coastal natural resource assets, to enable councils and other land owners to identify specific management actions required at any site.”

The framework for the project includes a regional database and on-ground action, and is supported by $150,000 funding from EPNRMB and a further $50,000 from local councils and RDAWEP.

For more information visit naturalresources.sa.gov.au/eyrepeninsula.

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