• Hannah Phillips

Stopping the Scams in Victoria

The Victorian State Government is urging people to be more alert to scams, with figures revealing the state lost more than $20 million to con artists last year.

Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz today launched a new campaign to help Victorians fight against scammers, with tips and advice to avoid becoming a scam victim.

As part of the campaign, Consumer Affairs Victoria and Crime Stoppers Victoria will deliver education sessions at libraries across the state, focusing on helping older Victorians become more scam savvy.

More than 33,000 scam reports were made by Victorians in 2017, accounting for $22.9 million in losses – a jump of more than $4 million on the previous year.

Reports have revealed older people are being targeted by scammers, with ScamWatch explaining more than $39 million has been lost from Australians over 55 in the past year alone, accounting for an increase of more than $13 million since 2016.

Scammers are most commonly reaching victims over the phone and online, with phone, email, and internet scams accounting for 85% of losses.

Victorians can sharpen their scam avoidance skills by taking an online quiz and finding useful information about how to identify and avoid online scams at the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

To report a scam visit consumer.vic.gov.au/reportascam or call the Helpline on 1300 55 81 81.

Image Source: Australian ScamWatch logo

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