• Hannah Phillips

Thank You Courtney and Farewell

Flow FM is today losing a valuable member of our team with the announcement of Courtney leaving not only the Brekkie Flow, but the Flow team as well.

We know listeners across the Flow region have grown to love, “starting their day, the Courtney way”, on the Brekkie Flow, and join us in the shock this announcement has brought.

The Flow team has been fully supportive of Court and stands by her shoulder to shoulder in her decision to put her family and herself first, an extremely tough decision to realise, let alone make in this modern world.

The Flow team understand and recognises the natural talent and ability in Courtney and while we are all sad to her go, we will be happy when one day in the future she comes back to radio, and maybe even once again as part of the Flow team.

We wish Court and her family well on the journey ahead, we will all miss her...but not her cooking and footy tipping!

Here's Courtney's goodbye message to Flow FM listeners this morning:

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