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Streaky Bay Medical Clinic Continues to Serve Community

Streaky Bay Medical Clinic is now owned by the District Council of Streaky Bay, following a public meeting in January of this year.

At the meeting, it was agreed the establishment of a community incorporated body to operate the clinic in the future was necessary, by the majority of 158 people who attended.

Since then, Council have hosted a further 3 meetings with people who registered an interested in the incorporated body, and on May 1, the group adopted the proposed Constitution, filled Board Member positions, and submitted documentation for officially registering the incorporated association.

Image Source - Streaky Bay Medical Clinic website

The Board consists of 9 members, with Jonas Woolford elected as President, bringing with him extensive board experience and a business background that will be a valuable asset to the group.

“I am very encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Board as we get up to speed on all the hard work the council has dedicated to maintaining a functional Medical Clinic, we are up to the challenge and look forward to recruiting a resident doctor/s for our community," Mr Woolford said.

Brenton Lynch has been elected Vice President, Jennifer Brewis - Secretary, Debbie Daniel - Treasure, Leanne Dunchue to become Public Officer and Craig Kelsh, Carol Guidera, Scott Mepham and Council Representative Philip Wheaton fulfilling the remaining board positions.

CEO Joy Hentschke put the initial proposal forward and commented on the outcome, saying: “I have seen this work very successfully in other regions, and there are many benefits for the community and the clinic operating under this structure."

The transition of the clinic business was discussed by Council at its ordinary meeting on May 17, who decided to gift the sale of business and provide a $100,000 loan to assist the incorporated association in its initial phase.

“Council is looking forward to seeing this Board progress, be successful and most importantly recruit and retain a resident doctor,” Mayor Travis Barber said.

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