• Hannah Phillips

This Week in Parliament

The Government has a chance to get its tax cuts through this week.

The Centre Alliance senators have expressed their willingness to pass the last tranche of the corporate tax cuts provided measures can be introduced to prevent tax avoidance by tech giants like Google.

At the moment they are seeking a Google levy similar to the bank levy.

It is possible that the Minister for Finance, Senator Cormann will be sympathetic to this approach in principle at least although the modalities of the measures may take some time.

The Government’s personal income tax cuts will be subject to review in Senate estimates.

Labor has already provided questions to the Government and Treasury officials on the costings for the cuts and will expect answers from officials when they appear before the Committee.

In the meantime the Greens have announced that they will not support either the Government’s or Labor’s personal income tax cuts which makes the future of the Labor cuts problematic.

Sussan Ley will introduce her private members bill calling for a five year phase out of live sheep exports into the House of Representatives this week.

She is supported by Sara Henderson, and Jason Woods, both Liberals, and the Labor Party but still does not have the numbers to get the bill debated.