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Renting Made Easier for People with Pets

Discrimination against renters with pets will be ended in Victoria as the State Government moves to back a national campaign aimed at making it easier for people to rent a house if they own a pet.

Victorian Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford today joined Dr Chris Brown to announce the move, part of the Labor Government's rental fairness reforms.

Under new changes, every Victorian tenant will have the right to own a pet, with landlords only able to refuse in specific circumstances.

“No one should have to choose between the pet they love and a place to live – our reforms will end this discrimination," Ms Pulford said.

The Minister for Agriculture also launched a new 'Better for Pets Campaign' today, which aims to increase owner knowledge of their pets.

The campaign is based on research from La Trobe University and shows although Victorians want the best for their pets, many struggle to provide the right care without evidence-based guidance.

For example, many pet owners don’t know dogs bark because they feel ignored, that cats don’t like sharing their food, or that rabbits prefer their homes to be three hops long.

“Victoria is a great state for people to live – we want it to be a great state for pets too," Ms Pulford said.

“About two thirds of Victorian households have pets. This campaign will help all of those families provide a better life for their furry or feathered friend.”

'Better for Pets' will provide pet-specific information and general knowledge about responsible pet ownership to Victorians through a number of avenues including fact sheets, posters, free publications and online advertisements across the state.

For more information visit animalwelfare.vic.gov.au.

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