• Hannah Phillips

School Spends 9 Days Without Internet

Murrayville Community College (MCC) has been without internet for over a week now, since the entire township lost power on Tuesday May 15 during a planned outage.

When the power came back on and internet services did not return to the school, Telstra were immediately contacted, and promised a technician would pick up the job straight away.

A technician arrived on Monday of this week (May 21), but did not have the required part to fix the problem, with the issue dragging on until today.

Carly Heintze is Vice-President of MCC School Council and spoke to Flow FM this morning for the latest update.

Murrayville Community College have been told by Telstra the spare part will arrive this afternoon and services are likely to be restored by tonight, but the School's Vice-President said "we're not holding our breath".

"I can't imagine this happening in a city school...we're very realistic and realise where we are...but we don't believe that 8 days is good enough," she said.

Community members are asked to be patient with the School as they work to catch up on lost time and respond to people's messages.

Update May 25: Now two days since the issue was meant to have been fixed, Carly spoke to Flow FM for an update on the situation.

Internet has now been restored to Murrayville Community College, but no formal apology or compensation from Telstra has been received by the school.

MCC will now lobby for the installation of a Yagi antenna, to ensure the situation does not occur in the future.

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