• Hannah Phillips

You Just Can’t Get Away from Him

According to a spokesman, the Clivenator won’t be undergoing a political resurrection any time soon despite the fact road users round the country will soon be treated to the sight of hundreds of bright yellow posters featuring a snap of the former Member for the federal seat of Fairfax in a characteristic pose – feet apart, thumbs up – and the slogan “Make Australia Great Again.”

Image Source: @CliveFPalmer Twitter account

Without wishing to be churlish, it reminds us of a similar refrain which featured in another fairly recent election campaign however Mr Palmer’s spokesman was at pains to point out that it was nothing more than a call to Australians to pull together and improve the nation.

“It’s not a political campaign … it has nothing to do with politics. He’s just very patriotic and loves his country.”

We think the overall effect might have been improved by the absence of Mr Palmer’s photograph.

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