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SA Rock Lobster Closure Kicks in Next Week

Recreational fishers across South Australia are being reminded the annual state-wide closure for Rock Lobster fishing will begin at 6pm on Thursday May 31.

The closure is designed to protect spawning female lobsters, while ensuring recreational fishers operate within their allocated share.

It bans all recreational Rock Lobster fishing activity in South Australian waters, and will remain in place in the Southern Zone until 6 am on October 1, and the Northern Zone until midday on November 1.

Rock Lobster pots are required to be removed from the water once the closure comes into effect.

PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture Executive Director, Sean Sloan, explained the importance of the closure, and maintaining a healthy lobster population.

“These closures are in place to protect the long-term sustainability of the fishery and to ensure the recreational fishery operates within its allocated share of the resource,” Mr Sloan said.

“I urge fishers to do the right thing and ensure you comply with the rules of the closure.

“Fisheries Officers will continue to conduct patrols in coastal waters throughout the closed season, with fishers running the risk of being fined or having their pots confiscated if found in the water during the closed season.”

More information about the closure is available at pir.sa.gov.au/fishing or through the SA Recreational Fishing Guide app.

Suspicious or illegal fishing behaviour can be reported to the 24-hour Fishwatch number on 1800 065 022. Callers can choose to remain anonymous.

image Source: Government of Western Australia

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