• Hannah Phillips

Native Plants Key to Crop Pollination

Agricultural producers are being urged to plant more native vegetation on their properties in a bid to attract more bees, and protect the industry from pollination decline.

Most crops produced in Australia rely on pollination from bees, but the insect's population is now under threat, largely due to a lack of food in Australia's increasingly cleared landscapes.

A multi-million dollar four-year research project called ‘Securing Pollination for More Productive Agriculture: Guidelines for effective pollinator management and stakeholder adoption’ is being managed by AgriFutures as a way to address the issue.

Trees For Life is also working with University of Adelaide researchers on the project to find out what native plants work best for pollinators of different crops and how they can be planted to help increase yields.

Flow FM spoke to Trees for Life CEO Natasha Davis to find out more.

For more information and to order native seedlings for your property, contact Trees for Life on 8406 0500.

To find out more about the research being done, check out the video below.

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