• Hannah Phillips

The Battle over Coal Fired Power Heats up

Last Monday AGL announced that it had rejected Alinta’s bid to purchase the Liddell power station for $250 million.

The Monash Group of Coalition backbenchers demanded that the government compulsorily acquire the power station and then sell it on to Alinta.

This course of action was rejected by the Prime Minister and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg however, on Tuesday May 22, the Minister left open the possibility that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission could examine whether AGL is trying to ramp the energy market and whether moribund power stations should be compulsorily sold.

The Monash group raised the issue of the compulsory acquisition of Liddell in the party room but they were unsuccessful in trying to get a change in the government’s policy position.

Given the sensitivities surrounding the National Energy Guarantee at the present time it’s unlikely that either Malcolm Turnbull or Josh Frydenberg will want to frighten the horses.

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