• Hannah Phillips

School Chaplains Here to Stay

The Coalition Government has continued to support school chaplains across Australia with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding provided in the 2018/19 Federal Budget.

The program provides pastoral care services to thousands of students and school communities across Australia, with an extra $247 million in the Budget to ensure it is extended on a permanent basis.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP was vocal in Parliament about continuing funding, and is glad to see the school chaplains program secured.

“I know the valuable work school chaplains do in Barker and that’s why I lobbied the Minister to extend funding for this vital program,” he said.

“There are 88 schools across Barker...that will benefit from this funding boost so that chaplains can continue their vital role supporting the health and well-being of young people.

“I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact the National School Chaplaincy Program has here in Barker and the strong community support behind it. The Coalition Government’s plan to build a stronger economy means we can guarantee the essential services Australians rely on like the school chaplains programme.”

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the school chaplains program would also have a greater focus on bullying.

“A focus on bullying, specifically cyberbullying, will see school chaplains required to undertake training in this area to ensure they are fully equipped to deal with the challenges in the school community.

“This funding will also mean school chaplains can continue to provide important pastoral care and run programs such as breakfast clubs and other volunteer activities within their school communities.

“Over the last year over 1000 schools and families have written, called and emailed me expressing their support for the programme and shared the stories of the work of school chaplains in their local communities.

“Ensuring that schools are supportive, inclusive and safe learning communities provides a strong foundation for students to reach their full potential in learning and in life and I know the important role the National School Chaplaincy Programme plays in promoting this,” he said.

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