• Hannah Phillips

New Waste Service for Barossa

Deciding what to do with residents' waste has become a big issue for Australian councils and shires, with many having to rethink the way they have dealt with it in the past.

In Flow's Barossa region, the local council is encouraging people to waste less and recycle more, with a new waste service being rolled out from July 1.

As part of the waste contract, new bins will be delivered in a staggered approach, commencing with green organics bins on June 18.

New red waste bins and yellow recycling bins will be delivered between July 25 and August 14.

This will be followed by the removal of old bins, beginning on August 20, with locals required to place their old bins on the kerb as per normal weekly/fortnightly collection.

Bins will then be collected by a contractor, with council saying it may take several weeks for all bins to be collected.

Mayor Bob Sloane acknowledged the bin roll out phase will have its challenges, and said: “We encourage people to be patient throughout the bin roll out phase.

"It is a significant undertaking by our contractor to collect all the old bins.

“We are also mindful that residents will be required to store old bins for a short period of time, prior to the collection of old bins commencing.

"We endeavour to be as proactive as possible in communicating with the community to help ease this process.”

Old bins that are collected will be recycled into other products.

Residents will also receive an education kit with the delivery of their new red and yellow bin, including a reusable coffee cup, biodegradable pen made from fully recycled material, tote bag, fact sheets to provide guidance around what goes in what bin, and a colouring in competition.

Waste calendars advising of waste collection days will be distributed to residents in township areas in coming weeks.

“Following on from a successful round of community consultation last year regarding preferred waste collection options, we have listened to the community and are focussed on educating the community on waste disposal and recycling,” said Mayor Sloane.

“We hope the community embraces this as an opportunity to start thinking about how they currently dispose of waste.

"Sorting waste correctly and making a conscious effort to do the right thing, will help us achieve our overall goal of wasting less and recycling more.

“Together we can make a difference," he said.

For more information on waste and how you can waste less and recycle more, visit barossa.sa.gov.au.