• Hannah Phillips

#RaiseAGlass this World Milk Day

Since 2001, the world has celebrated the important contributions that the dairy sector has given to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition in our lives each year.

We celebrate together on June 1, showing our support to dairy farmers, milk producers and factory workers in any way that we can.

The most popular form of support comes from the online use of hashtags and photos of the classic #milkpour, and as we #raiseaglass this year, we give thanks to those who get the milk on our kitchen tables each morning.

Today's Regional Roundup saw Sarah focus on World Milk Day, and explore milk around our Flow Regions.

She caught up with Dairy Farmer Ros Zweck from Blyth, to find out how the industry has developed and changed throughout her years.

Schulz Organic Farms are bringing back the nostalgic milk in glass bottles, Simon joined Sarah to find out why this is important and where we can get them from.

Another form of milk that is rising in demand is that of camel milk, Sarah spoke to Megan from The Camel Milk Co to find out all things camel milk.

We hope you will #raiseaglass this World Milk Day.

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