• Hannah Phillips

Your Taxes at Work

Senate Estimates often throws up a gem or two and last week it was revealed that cabinet ministers, obviously including the Prime Minister, and cabinet committee members have been scarfing down their choice of hot meals, sangers, salads and snacks on the taxpayers’ dime.

This cute little freebie was introduced in September 2015, shortly after Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

Under the previous arrangements, which date back at least as far as the Howard administration, these functionaries – who now earn $350,000 and north every year – were obliged to kick the can for the cost of these allegedly working meals.

According to a Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet spokesman in 2000 the PM anted up $59 a month while ministers kicked in $35, roughly half the cost of the catering but still something.

Newstart recipients on 40 bucks a day are aspiring to cabinet positions as we speak.

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