• Hannah Phillips

Pork Producers Face Price Problems

Pork producers across Australia are facing a serious downturn at the moment, with an oversupply of pigs in the market meaning that in many cases, prices for pork per kilogram is below the cost of production.

Flow FM's Country Viewpoint spoke to CEO of Australian Pork Limited, Andrew Spencer to find out why this issue is occurring, and what can be done about it.

Mark Mclean is Chair of Pork SA and spoke to Flow FM to explain how the market troubles are affecting South Australian producers, and what local pork farmers are doing to support the community, even during this tough time.

Pork producers encourage all Aussies to show their support for the struggling industry by adding an extra serving or two of pork to the weekly menu.

Who wouldn't want a piece of this...get some pork on your fork!

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