• Hannah Phillips

Healing Our Doctor Shortage in Regional Australia

Access to a doctor and professional medical assistance should be a basic right for all Australians.

But it's seriously lacking in our regional areas, with a doctor/GP shortage sweeping the nation.

In their latest budget, the Federal Government announced a number of initiatives to try and address the issue, but key projects like regional training for medical students in NSW and Victoria is focused on the Eastern states of Australia, leaving regional areas in SA and other states behind.

Rowan Ramsey is the Federal Member for Grey, a large electorate which covers 92% of South Australia, and is short of 29 doctors to service its regional residents.

Mr Ramsey recently met with newly appointed National Rural Health Commissioner, Professor Paul Worley to explore the issue and look at what can be done for the electorate and regional Australia as a whole.

The Federal member joined Flow FM on today's Country Viewpoint to discuss how the Government is addressing the regional doctor shortage and what is being done for Flow regions such as Streaky Bay, where the local Council has purchased the Medical Centre, just to keep it open.

This is the first of a regional health series on Flow FM, to hear more about how we can get doctors to our regional areas, tune in to the Country Viewpoint, weekdays from 1pm on Flow FM.

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