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An Open Letter this Men's Health Week

We're currently in the middle of Men’s Health Week which runs from June 11-17, and is all about promoting the health of men and boys across Australia.

Andrew Broad is the Federal Member for Mallee and has written an open letter to the men of his region this Men's Health Week to show his support.

Image Source: Men's Health Week

Here's what he had to say:

"We are all guilty of it; neglecting our health, but statistically it seems that more often than not it’s us blokes who do it the most.

We’ve got jobs to do, we’re out seeding until 3am or we’re working through the to do list from last month – we don’t have time to go into town for a doctor’s appointment, we hardly have time to check in with our mates.

Men’s Health Week is a reminder to make the time.

Make the time for yourself, and make the time for your mates because we all know some of the toughest battles we face are often with ourselves.

Communities around our patch will get involved in free events this week, all promoting the health and well-being of men and boys and I urge you to get involved and support the men of your community, as well as yourself.

Maybe even take Sunday off and spend it with the family?

It’s important to remember the reason we work as hard as we do, and take time to appreciate all the great things in our lives, our health is one of them that we can’t afford to lose.

So this week, check in with your mates, catch up with your dad, brother, son or neighbour, and go and book that appointment you’ve been putting off for months.

Make time this Men’s Health Week.


For more information, visit menshealthweek.org.au.

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