• Hannah Phillips

Countdown to Country of Origin Labelling

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud is reminding companies and consumers that compulsory Country of Origin Labelling is just under 3 weeks away, with today's countdown at 19 days.

From July 1, products on supermarket shelves will be legally required to display country of origin information.

Minister Littleproud said: "This is great news for customers and companies.

"Aussie customers will be able to choose Australian and vote with their wallets.

"Companies which source their products from Australia will be able to display it loud and proud and reap the rewards.

"Aussies will very soon have the chance to choose clean, green Aussie produce.

"It's no surprise Aussies prefer Australian farm produce - we produce the cleanest and most ethical food in the world.

"Country of origin labelling shouldn't stop at the supermarket. Aussies should get the chance to support Aussie farmers in other marketplaces too. "This is why I convened a meeting with fast food companies recently, in which they agreed to display country of origin information on their websites and apps.

"Aussies want to support Aussie farmers and they'll soon have the chance."

For more information on the Country of Origin Labelling laws, visit: industry.gov.au.

Image Source: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

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