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Disaster Relief Fund Supporting South-West Victoria

The Victorian Farmers Federation's (VFF) Disaster Relief Fund has collected over $80,000 in donations, with BlazeAid promising to match any further fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar to fund critical fence repairs in Victoria’s fire affected south west. VFF will begin with an initial contribution of $15,000, and BlazeAid will use the combined $30,000 to fund a Poles & Wire Drive to help farmers in need re-fence their farms.

Affected farmers are encouraged to contact BlazeAid to register their need for fence repairs.

The March 2018 fires in south west Victoria burnt thousands of hectares, killed over 2,000 livestock, and damaged hundreds of farm businesses.

President of VFF, David Jochinke said: “On behalf of affected farmers, we are so grateful to everyone who has donated to the VFF Disaster Relief Fund.

“BlazeAid has been doing fantastic work in the south west.

"We are excited about this partnership and grateful to BlazeAid for matching VFF Disaster Relief Funds dollar-for-dollar so we can continue the recovery process in affected communities.

"The donations demonstrate a depth of support for farmers, not only from our regional communities but also supporters in the urban centres and internationally," Mr Jochinke said.

Image Source - blazeaid.com.au

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