• Hannah Phillips

Nurse Practitioners: the Remedy for our Regional Doctor Shortage?

Nurse Practitioners play an important role in our Australian health system, particularly when it comes to rural and regional healthcare.

With the ability to prescribe medication, order tests and undertake advanced assessments, could they be the solution to the regional doctor/GP shortage sweeping the nation?

Dianne Thornton is a Nurse Practitioner for Mallee Border Health, based in Flow region 96.5fm Pinnaroo.

In partnership with Mallee Track Health and Community Service, she travels to Murrayville and Underbool each week to work in these towns and offer her medical services.

Di joined Flow FM on today's Country Viewpoint to share her experiences as a Nurse Practitioner, and to offer her thoughts on how we can better support the health of our rural and regional communities.

At the Mallee Machinery Field Days on August 1, Federal Member for Mallee Andrew Broad, was asked about the model of having Nurse Practitioners in our regional towns that are struggling to secure a GP.

Check out Flow's continuing coverage of the regional doctor shortage here.

Image Source: Mallee Border Health

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