• Hannah Phillips

Rhynie Prepared for Future Floods

SA's Mid-North town of Rhynie has recently completed the cleaning, widening, and straightening of its Woolshed Flat Creek to prevent future flooding of the town.

The creek which runs through the township of Rhynie was flooded in 2010, affecting the local Hotel and several other properties in town.

Using $41,245 from the Federal Government's National Disaster Resilience Program Grant, the Rhynie Improvement Scheme has now been able to increase the capacity of the creek, and significantly decrease the resistance to flow during flooding conditions.

Earth works were undertaken by local Waterloo contractor Kruse Earthmoving P/L during March and April of this year.

Grant Hovey, Chairman of Rhynie Improvement Scheme said: "We are very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism show by Roger Kruse and his staff during this project.

"We have also been able to purchase about 300 shrubs and bushes to revegetate the banks, from Trees for Life, to minimize any future erosion.

"We hope we do not have to test the outcome of this work, but no doubt mother nature will, at some stage put us to the test."