• Hannah Phillips

Howlong Youth Set to Skate into the Future

The youth of Flow region 88.7fm Howlong are getting ready to Pop, Ollie and Nosegrind, following the announcement that construction of a new Skate Park for the region is set commence.

The project has been supported by $201,900 from the Stronger Communities Fund, and will see a Skate Park built in the Lowe Square Playground to cater for families, children and the youth of Howlong alike.

The Howlong Youth Park Committee have worked together with the community to set the wheels in motion for a Skate Park, raising $15,000 for the project.

They also gained financial support from the Howlong Lions Club (and Lions Australia) who generously committed $25,000 along with $5,000 from the Howlong Op Shop.

A design concept has been prepared by award winning skate park designers, Convic who are leaders in youth space and skate park design.

The proposed ‘street terrain’ style skate park has a number of features, including 900H (3ft) Quarter with Doorway, 300H (1ft) Kicker to Kicker, 400H Round Flat Bar, 350H Ledge, 1200H (4ft) Bank with 750H Jersey Barrier Extension, Banked Hip, 1200H (4ft) Mini Ramp and a 1500H (5ft) Quarter Pipe.

Howlong’s residents were keen to have their say on the draft concept designs for the project, as Council staff met with local school students, held pop up consultation stands, and distributed surveys through sporting groups and online.

53 surveys were completed in total and provided a range of constructive feedback that has been considered in the final design.

Mayor Pat Bourke said Council was looking forward to delivering the Howlong Skate Park project and hoped Howlong’s youngest residents would enjoy the new space for many years to come.

“The Howlong Skate Park project is one of the many new infrastructure installations or upgrades to occur as part of Council’s Play Space Upgrade Program.

“Federation Council is placing a strong focus on improving the liveability of our area, as we work to meet the needs of our residents, support youth and attract young families.

"The new skate site has been fenced off to the public, topsoil has been removed, and surveyors will be working next week on setting out the site.

"Compaction and shaping of the earth fill will also be occurring next week, weather permitting and following that the construction crew will arrive to commence construction work.”

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