• Hannah Phillips

Barossa Businesses Warned of Scam Activity

Police based in the Barossa region have issued a scam alert for businesses in the area after four separate offences were reported within the last month.

Each case involved a ‘business email compromise’ scams.

In these scammers create false email domain names that look legitimate, then providing the victim with altered banking details for a deposit or payment to be made into.

In the four cases, the victims have continued their business with these scammers, paying money into the new accounts, rather than the funds being directed to the legitimate company until contacted about unpaid invoices.

Barossa Local Service Area Victim Contact Officer Senior Constable Vicki McNally has the following tips for avoiding becoming a victim to this scam:

* Look at the email address the request has come from. Is it the same email address or is it a generic email address usually used by a person and not a company?

* Google the BSB number – is it from a local bank to where the company is located or likely to do their banking?

* Call the company and confirm that they have sent this request through and have changed their banking details.

* Do not use the number attached to the email you have received as it could also be fake. Look the company up or use the old telephone number you have for the company.

* Look at the language and grammar used in the email to ensure it is consistent to previous emails.

It is also important that businesses treat phone calls, emails or letters from a supplier seeking a change to the bank account details with caution.

For further information visit www.scamwatch.gov.au or to report a cybercrime and online incidents which may be in breach of Australian Law this can be done through the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) - certain reports will then be directed to Australian Law enforcement and government agencies for further investigation.

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