• Hannah Phillips

Cory Bernardi: Our Leaders Have "Got to Get their Act Together"

Leader of the Australian Conservatives, Cory Bernardi, is a regular on Flow FM's Morning Show, and today joined Wayne to explain why he believes our Political Leaders, Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are a couple of "ditherers" who are "not tackling the big issues".

Senator Bernardi also shared his thoughts on company tax cuts, describing a flat rate of tax across all companies as "good and healthy".

Talking about the Liberal Party's National Conference over the weekend, Wayne asked Mr Bernardi about his thoughts on two motions passed - the ABC being privatised, and moving Australia's National Embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

Wayne also asked the Australian Conservatives Leader about Halal certification, to which the Senator said the Government has "failed to act".

Senator Bernardi talked about his thoughts on Australian National University (ANU)'s decision to not accept a course on Western Civilisation, describing it as "another example of how detached universities are from society", and calling for "significant reform in the university sector".

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