• Hannah Phillips

Fish Unloading Facility Set for September Construction

A Fish Unloading Facility for Flow region 106.1fm Thevenard is no new idea for the region, with the large project being in the pipeline for 10 years now.

Comprehensive construction for the project is required, and involves:

  • Dredging & dredge de-watering of seabed for depth access to the Facility

  • Construction of a breakwater for harbour protection from prevailing winds

  • Construction of a wharf-side loading/unloading area capable of servicing four 30m vessels at any time

  • Construction of marina berths with floating pontoon access.

Image Source: Thevenard by Bahnfrend

With an earthmoving contractor finalised and a budget locked in, Ceduna Mayor, Allan Suter OAM , joined Flow FM's Country Viewpoint to talk more about the project.

For more information on the Fish Unloading Facility or what's happening in the wider Ceduna region, visit: ceduna.sa.gov.au.

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