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Naracoorte's Stellar Teacher Supporting STEM

Sarah Edwards is a Teacher at Naracoorte High School whose passion for the learning areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) inspires Naracoorte's next generation on a daily basis.

With an aim of making these subjects fun and engaging in and out of the classroom, Ms Edwards' hands on approach has recently been aided by the inclusion of a Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) kit, teaching students firsthand about renewable energy and the science behind it.

The STELR kit is no new concept to Ms Edwards, who used the same one as a student in Year 9 at Renmark High, making her the first person in Australia, and potentially the world, to continue her learning journey to become a STELR Teacher.

Image Source: Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

As technology continues to develop at an overwhelming rate within Australia, the workforce is struggling to meet the needs of future industries.

New technologies such as the STELR kit are providing the necessary education to our students of today, to pave the way for our workers of tomorrow, ensuring Australia continues to develop as a global leader.

Sarah spoke to Flow FM's Country Viewpoint program today to share her story and offer advice to regional students looking to pursue STEM subjects, and work in industries that don't yet exist.

For more local stories from our regional areas, join Anita on the Country Viewpoint, weekdays from 1pm on Flow FM.

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