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Clive Palmer takes Brian Burston to the United Australia Party

Former Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer returned to Parliament for an announcement to confirm his intentions for the next election.

He announced that the United Australia Party he leads will again run 150 candidates for the Federal Parliament whenever the next election is called.

To lament the decision in a Press Conference Mr Palmer also announced with Senator Brian Burston that he will join and be the Leader of the Parliamentary United Australia Party giving again Mr Palmer a Member in the Parliament.

Senator Burston said his decision came after he provided a handshake deal with Leader of the Government in the Senate Mathias Cormann in which he agreed to support the government’s corporate tax cuts.

A deal he said which Leader of One National Senator Pauline Hanson was telling him he had to vote against it.

Mr Palmer during the Press Conference announced he will also consider another run in Parliament, saying that he is eligible to do so despite others saying contrary.

The UAP Leader also said he is now back on the AFR rich list and doesn’t have financial difficulties saying according to that list he is now the 20th richest man in Australia with assets of $3 billion AUD.

The Press conference was interrupted by protestors in Parliament and then by the Parliament itself who decided to turn on the water sprinklers during the Press Conference drenching the media and Mr Palmer.

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