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Wild Dogs Moving South of the Fence

Wild dogs are becoming more prevalent across Flow's regions, moving south of the Dingo or Dog Fence that was established in 1885 to keep the animals out of Australia's more fertile regions.

A recent sheep attack around Minnipa on the Eyre Peninsula had Farmers spring into action, trapping the dog and removing it before it could do anymore damage than it already had.

The South Australian State Government is trying to address the issue, funding two full-time equivalent wild dog trappers, along with a one off $200,000 funding boost in the biggest coordinated wild dog baiting program ever undertaken in SA - but even this has Farmers wondering if enough is being done.

Image Source: Dog Fence near Flow region 99.7fm Coober Pedy - Schutz

Chris Lymn is a local Farmer around the Minnipa region whose sheep were attacked by a wild dog, and spoke to Flow FM's Country Viewpoint to share his story, and thoughts on managing the issue.

SA's two wild dog trappers will begin work on July 1, and Flow FM will continue investigations into how the problem can be better managed, particularly south of the fence.

Image Source: Australia's Dingo Fence keeps wild dogs out of the South-East of the nation - Roke~commonswiki

Update 2/7/18: South Australian Minister for Agriculture Tim Whetstone, visited SA's Eyre Peninsula last week, touring the Minnipa Agricultural Centre with Member for Flinders Peter Treloar.

While there, both MPs spoke with the Far West Dog Fence Board members about the issue of wild dogs becoming more prevalent within the state.

Peter Treloar caught up with Sarah last week to give Flow listeners a rundown of this discussion.

Have you had wild dog problems around your region? Let us know where in the comment below.

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