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New Lockhart Pool Concreting its Way into Community

Flow region 88.7fm Lockhart is gearing up to make a big splash this summer when the community swimming pool has finished its refurbishments.

With upgrades also taking place at The Rock, Lockhart community members were very excited to document the latest pool progress, sharing a picture of the completed concrete pour on their Facebook page.

Image Source: Lockhart Shire Community Facebook Page

As the image shows, contractors yesterday layed 136 cubic metres of concrete as the foundation for the pool, with the two smaller pools already concreted.

Lockhart Shire Mayor Rodger Schirmer recently told Flow FM the project is on track to be complete by mid-to-late October, with an aim for Saturday October 27 to be the official opening date - "exactly 62 years to the day [since] the original pool was opened."

Final upgrades will include the construction of new pool shells with wet decks, all abilities access ramps, new modern and energy efficient pool filtration systems, a new BBQ, playground and shade areas as well as modern amenities buildings.

The project is being supported by Lockhart Shire Council, along with $1.5 million from the NSW State Government.

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