• Hannah Phillips

Printers Paving the way to Recycled Roads

For the past 15 years, Planet Ark have been assisting Aussies to recycle their printing cartridges, with the Flow team being on board since 2009.

Now printer toner has joined soft plastics collected by REDcycle and stockpiled glass in an Australian first to create a road surface that lasts up to 65% longer than traditional asphalt.

The first site for the surface is on Rayfield Avenue, in Craigieburn in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and has been formulated in a collaboration between Close the Loop and Downer.

This now means that by dropping off printer cartridges to Cartridges 4 Planet Ark boxes, you are helping to create a product that will help reduce the existing stockpiles of soft plastic and glass.

Image Supplied: New surface being laid on Rayfield Avenue Craigieburn, Melbourne.

To find out more, we caught up with Claire Bell, Senior Recycling Programs Co-coordinator at Planet Ark.

If you want your cartridges turned into roads find your nearest REDcycle bin via recyclingnearyou.com.au.

Or register for a free box at your workplace and to find your nearest retail drop-off location visit cartridges.planetark.org or call 1300 763 768.

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