• Hannah Phillips

Red Nose Day On Its Way

For 30 years Red Nose have been supporting and researching to save thousands of babies and children's lives and to celebrate 30 years celebrities from all over have joined together to help raise awareness.

Red Nose Day is held nationally on the last Friday of June, with this year's event falling on June 29, and aims to help raise critical funding so that more research and support can be given to those who lives have been effected by Sudden Infancy Death Syndrome (SIDS).

With nine children still dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia, Red Nose and its large group celebrity supporters are urging Australians to support Red Nose Day to reduce these nine deaths a day, to zero.

To find out more about the day Sarah caught up with Red Nose's Manager of Health and Advocacy, Jane, who is also a Registered Nurse and Midwife.

You too can get involved by purchasing a red nose or other Red Nose Day product, making a donation, hosting a children’s fundraising disco or setting up an online fundraising page.

Visit the website rednoseday.com.au to learn more.

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