• Hannah Phillips

Cormack Foundation Backs Victorian Libs

The battle between the Cormack Board and the executive of the Liberal Party in Victoria has come to a head with the Cormack Foundation agreeing to fund the forthcoming State Election campaign.

President of the Victorian Liberal Party Michael Kroger thanked the Cormack board for their support and said the Victorian Liberal Party had made the governance changes their were after.

He said “the appointment of an independent Finance Committee Chair would be made within the next month following a recent decision of the State Council to make that change”.

In a statement the Cormack Foundation said “The Federal Court has confirmed the Cormack Foundation is independent from the Victorian Liberal Party” and the “Cormack Foundation will not direct any donations to the administrative wing of the Victorian Liberal Party until independent verification confirms that the governance reforms recommended by PPB Advisory following the theft of Party funds by a senior offical have been implemented and are functioning effectively”.

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