• Hannah Phillips

Cory Bernardi - Time to Work in our National Interest

Leader of the Australian Conservatives, Cory Bernardi, is a regular on Flow FM's Morning Show, and today joined Wayne to talk about a number of pressing political topics including the National Energy Guarantee.

He said the Federal Government "doesn't really know whether they're Arthur or Martha on energy", explaining "they buy this green ideology that's done us such a disservice and then pretend to be walking away from it."

Senator Bernardi also shared his thoughts on National Security, saying everyone outside of the two major political parties is a "bit in the dark" about new legislation being introduced, and they don't know "really how necessary this is".

Continuing the conversation about National Security, Wayne asked the Senator about his thoughts on short wave radio in the South-Pacific and the ABC's funding structure - particularly for regional areas.

To this, the Australian Conservative said: "Maybe they should start working in our national interest," and that there are a "lot of areas the ABC can reprioritise, the same as the Government".

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