• Hannah Phillips

Doctors in Schools the Solution to our Rural Health Crisis?

Doctors in Secondary Schools is a Victorian State Government initiative that assigns a general practitioner (GP) to a school one day a week, to provide medical advice and healthcare to students firsthand.

Ouyen P-12 College was one of 100 government schools selected for the program, which aims to make primary health care more accessible, address any health problems early and reduce the pressure on working parents.

Image Source - Ouyen P-12 College: Mattinbgn

With many regional communities across the nation struggling to maintain a GP, could a regular doctor based in a local school one day a week, be part of the solution in addressing Australia's rural health crisis?

Flow FM spoke with Ouyen P-12 College Assistant Principal and Doctors in Schools Program Lead, Fel Cua, to find out.

To continue the conversation on better supporting Australia's rural health, join Anita on the Country Viewpoint, weekdays from 1pm on Flow FM.

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