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Ride for Charlie Brings Fight to the Barossa

Charlie is a very courageous little girl who has been fighting for 5 years now, collecting an impressive amount of chronic and rare diagnoses in that time - including a few that are so rare, they have no name yet.

Officially diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome, Charlie's heart, brain, muscles, speech and immune system are all affected, meaning she is now unable to walk very far and often relies on a wheelchair.

Image Source: Charlie's Fight Facebook page

According to Charlie's Aunty Lydia: "Noonan’s is under-researched and under-funded around the globe.

"Anyone you mention it to says “Noonan’s Syndrome”, then proceed to look puzzled or stare blankly before asking “what’s that?”.

Charlie and her family live in Queensland and have been invited to participate in an an International Study and Conference in America, but coming from a family of 7, her parents struggle to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, without having to find extra money to purchase flights, accommodation and other expenses involved in getting to America.

As a way of raising awareness and funds for Noonan’s Syndrome and Charlie's opportunity to go to America, Aunty Lydia and Uncle Dan are hitting the road on pushbikes, riding from Flow's Barossa Valley region, through to Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The 2,000km ride will kick off on July 6, making up part of the 12,000km distance between Charlie’s house in Mountain Creek, Queensland and where the study is being conducted in America.

The remaining 10,000km will be ridden by ten teams from all over Australia, with big hearts and strong legs, with more information at Charlie's Go Fund Me page.

To help boost fundraising efforts, a lunch is also being held at The Greenock tomorrow, with a huge range of items up for auction, including a 2012 Penfolds Grange.

To find out more and show your support, head to Charlie's Fight Facebook page or Go Fund Me campaign.

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